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Title 【 Caution: Say No to Imitation 】
Posted by jaesunshop (ip:)
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  • Date 2018-05-29 19:48:32
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Thank you to all of our customers who keep our copyright.

We always appreciate that.

In recent years some internet malls, Auction sites, individual sales, etc., regardless of domestic or overseas, fake products are shown up.

We saw lots of counterfeit goods(copy goods). Sometimes customers sent emails about them.

They copied my illustrations without any permission. then made counterfeit goods.

Counterfeit goods exist in various areas. Ironing sheet paper that is not originally produced. Fabric · cup (Cup) · T-shirt (T-Shirt) · Signboard (Signboard) and so on.

Some websites selling counterfeit goods(copy goods) use even photos of genuine products.

There are also things that use the image of the regular website without permission,

It seems to sell genuine products at first glance.

Counterfeit goods are copyright infringement, JAESUNSHOP is also puzzled.

Please have your attention and cooperation not to purchase counterfeit goods(copy goods) accidentally.

Please check genuine products from our official website below.

Also at Etsy, 

JAESUNSHOP's "favorites list" includes traders selling counterfeit goods (copy goods).

This is a warning to the seller of counterfeit goods (copy goods)

It is not a permission or acceptance of counterfeit goods (copy goods). 

The following is the feature of counterfeit goods (copy goods).

These are counterfeit goods (copy goods).

<meta charset="utf-8">

《 Fabric 》

《 Iron-print 》




【 Please be careful about counterfeit products (copy products)! 2024.4.15. 】

At internet shops, internet malls, auction sites, flea market sites,

We have identified counterfeit fabrics (counterfeit products) that we have not sold.

The following names are displayed on the edge (selvedge part) of the fabric of the counterfeit product (counterfeit product).

Please check the name list below. 

You can see those names from the edge of the fake fabric (selvedge part). 

We hope that you could avoid being damaged by purchasing them accidentally.

BXPD Handmade Fabric, Inc

Creative Fabric New Digital Print (with illustrations of dogs and cats)

LD patry

On the product page that sells counterfeit products (copy products) is described as USA fabrics, imported brands, and imported fabrics are displayed.

We have already notified the sales site, but we ask for your cooperation and caution so that you do not accidentally purchase counterfeit products (copy products).

【 Please be careful about counterfeit products (copy products)! 2021.12.30.】

We have confirmed the sale of new counterfeit products (copy products) at Internet shops, Internet malls, auction sites, and flea market sites.

Counterfeit products (counterfeit fabrics) have dogs and cats marked on the edges (selvedge) of the fabric.

Genuine products do not have such dog and cat designs. (Please see photos below)

We have already notified the sales site, but we ask for your cooperation and caution so that you do not accidentally purchase counterfeit products (copy products).

Please check the genuine product from our official site.


The illustration below is the format of the counterfeit fabric (copy goods) that is found mainly.

It is a format not currently produced.

The photo below is a counterfeit fabric(copy goods).

The quality of prints and fabrics is very bad.

<meta charset="utf-8">


JAESUNSHOP hasn't manufactured and sold this kind of ironing sheet paper print ever.

The size of the character is also various, and it is printed on transparent film.

 Vintage Deco Pack 

<meta charset="utf-8">

By this guide, you will know that counterfeit goods (copy goods) are sold even now.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could help us not accidentally purchase counterfeit goods (copy goods).

We will keep to inform you information about counterfeit goods (copy goods) through our website and Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you for reading to the end.

I thank all customers who love JAESUNSHOP.

Thank you in the future.

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