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Title 【Guidelines for commercial use of products 】
Posted by jaesunshop (ip:)
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  • Date 2018-05-29 19:04:27
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◾ JAESUNSHOP products allow for the creation 

and sale of secondary works using fabrics only. 

However, this is limited to personal use, and manufacturing, 

processing, or selling by businesses (individuals/corporations) is not allowed.

All copyrights for JAESUNSHOP's drawings are owned by jaesunshop. 

While you are free to use the purchased fabric, please refrain from infringing upon the copyright. 

When creating secondary works using the fabric, altering the original image in a way that damages its integrity is prohibited.

※ Contents, text, images, etc., on the online store's product pages cannot be used arbitrarily. 

Please use photos that the seller has taken individually.

When selling, please ensure that the product price tag or similar clearly displays the following sentence format to inform consumers. 

Additionally, when selling online, make sure to include the following sentence format in the product description section, 

such as on the product page or in social media, to provide the information about the copyright of fabrics used.


“All rights to these illustrations are reserved by JAESUNSHOP.”

This product is made by (Maker’s name, who would sell secondary works) using JAESUNSHOP’s fabric.

It has not been produced by JAESUNSHOP.

The fabric used is the property of JAESUNSHOP.


(Please enter the name of the artist who will use the product for secondary and display these full sentences.)

◾ Arbitrarily dividing and selling fabric, stickers, DECO PACK, paper products and so on is prohibited. 

Commercial activities such as cutting fabric arbitrarily then repackaging, producing flake seal stickers using illustration tape, 

or repackaging and reselling items after dividing them are all strictly prohibited.

◾ Replicating, distributing, transferring, or renting the product, regardless of payment, for personal use is also prohibited.

◾ Downloading, copying, processing, or editing illustration images on user's any devices are prohibited.

Furthermore, producing products using JAESUNSHOP's copyrighted materials, whether paid or free, is prohibited. 

Violating these terms constitutes copyright infringement and may lead to claims for damages, so please be cautious.

Regarding Counterfeit Goods (Unauthorized Reproductions)

Counterfeit fabric formats (unauthorized reproductions) are still being sold on internet communities, resale sites, etc., even though they are no longer produced. 

Please exercise special caution and cooperation to avoid inadvertently purchasing counterfeit goods (unauthorized reproductions). 

Be sure to check the detailed explanation and photos in the [Caution: Say No to Imitation] notice on the Online Store's Notice board.

Unauthorized copying or reproduction of JAESUNSHOP products is prohibited.

2009 © JAESUNSHOP All rights reserved.

※ Please note that the guidelines are updated irregularly, so be sure to check them thoroughly before any commercial utilization.

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